Bombay Jayashri Carnatic Concert

Checkin Details for Concert Day

We would like to take this opportunity to call out a few logistical items for the sold-out event as it pertains to patron privileges, registration, seating, show times et al to make the event a seamless, memorable one for all involved.

Patron specific:

1. CFAA Patronship is non-transferable.
2. CFAA Patronship is provided only on a per family basis and cannot be shared.
3. Reserved patron tickets are non-transferable. If a patron family cannot attend, they cannot transfer their reservation to friends (patrons or non-patrons).
4. If you haven't made a reservation so far, it is too late. We have no more seats available. Walk-ins will not be able to get tickets.

Event logistics:

1. We will have 2 separate registration booths to allow for quick/ efficient registration and check-in. • Lifetime/ Platinum patron check-in will be outside the left entrance to the performance theater.
   Gold patron check-in will be outside the right entrance to the theater.
   We will have decals clearly calling this out and volunteers to help guide you to the correct check-in desk.
2. We plan on starting registration at 3PM and seating around 3:40PM.
3. All tickets are numbered and will be issued serially (based on patron level) and cannot be changed or reassigned.
4. We will have volunteers helping with the registration/ check-in and ushering process.
5. We are NOT catering food/ drinks for the event.
6. We are planning for an on-time event start of 4PM.
7. There will NOT be an opportunity to meet-greet the artists post event (per the artists' request).
8. Photography/Videography/Audio Recordings are strictly prohibited. Please do not record on your phones.

Please plan on being at the venue on time and do take into account weather/ traffic/ parking and the fact that we have a sold-out event.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and understanding of the above and please do not hesitate to reach out to us should there be questions / clarifications needed ( Looking forward to seeing you all!

About Bombay Jayashri

Bombay Jayashri, the award winning vocalist, composer and teacher of music was born to a family of five generations of musicians, and entered into a life steeped in music.

Under her gurus, TR Balamani and Lalgudi Jayaraman, she trained in Carnatic music and imbibed the nuances of melody. Jayashri also trained in Hindustani music under Mahavir Jaipurvale and Ajay Pohankar.

Bombay Jayashri has performed at festivals and concerts in more than 35 countries. Her compositions amalgamate classical Carnatic music with our rich legacy in literature and other art forms. She believes in experimenting and collaborating between different genres and various forms, diving into both World Music, and the music of film soundtracks of India.

Read more about Bombay Jayashri here

Smt Jayashri Ramnath will be accompanied by an equally famous set of accompanying artists. HN Bhasker will be playing violin, while Patri Satish Kumar will be on the Mridangam and BS Purushothaman on Kanjira with Amrit Ramnath

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